USA Honors Internal Application

The University of South Alabama Honors College offers a curriculum of interdisciplinary excellence designed to stimulate the analytical and critical thinking of exceptionally qualified and highly motivated students. The USA Honors College challenges each student through discussion, research, creative scholarship, intercultural engagement and the arts in an effort to create the feel of a small college environment in the midst of the opportunities provided by a large urban university.

The USA Honors College provides its students with opportunities for scholarship support throughout their four years of enrollment. These scholarships are designed to foster student success and encourage students to participate in enhanced intellectual experiences.

A limited number of scholarships are awarded competitively and are eligible to students of the USA Honors College once admission is complete. Additional scholarships may be available as the student progresses through the Honors College​ .

Students receiving University scholarships will have the award credited to their tuition and fees due each semester. Annual University scholarships are split between Fall and Spring semesters.

Any awards or scholarships funded by USA are considered institutional aid. Some examples of institutional aid are admission-based scholarships, departmental awards, employee tuition assistance, housing benefits and athletic scholarships. USA reserves the right to adjust aid if a student receives multiple scholarship awards or exceeds the institutional maximum.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Estimated Current Cumulative Grade Point Average:
  2. Completed College Credits:
    (include Transfer/AP/IB/Anticipated Fall Semester Credits)
  3. Academic Advisor Name:
  4. Describe the activites, events, and clubs you have participated in and the roles and/or positions you have held.
    Make particular note of University activities, events, and clubs.
  5. Other interests (academic, cultural, social, etc.):
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