USA PAWS Around the World Study Abroad Scholarship

USA PAWS Around the World for Study Abroad Scholarship was created to encourage students to participate in the Study Abroad Program at the University of South Alabama.

Applicants should be students who are enrolled as degree-seeking USA students in good academic and non-academic standing (including disciplinary/behavioral) according to University and Study Abroad Program policies. Preference shall be given to students who graduated from an Alabama high school.

A student who has previously been awarded this scholarship is not eligible for the USA PAWS Around the World Study Abroad Scholarship in the following years.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you using financial aid? If yes, please explain what scholarship funds you plan to receive during your time abroad. If no, please include N/A.
  2. Where is your study abroad location? Please provide the city and country.
  3. What is the name of your program provider/host institution?
  4. Select which term you will be going abroad.
  5. What is the start date of your program?
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