Study Abroad Scholarship for Critical Languages or Asian Studies - Summer

This scholarship was created to encourage students to participate in the Study Abroad Program here at the USA and to fund the study of Critical Languages or Asian studies, as defined by the US federal government, which include: Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, and Russian.

Applicants should be degree-seeking USA students in good academic and non-academic standing (including disciplinary/behavioral) according to University and Study Abroad Program policies. Students are required to take BEVI pre- and post-assessments. Preference shall be given to students who are majoring or minoring in Modern and Classical Language and Literature or International Studies. Students who are selected will be required to participate in a pre- and post-program STAMP for Critical Languages or Asian Studies.

Supplemental Questions
  1. How do you think the study abroad program will impact your career development/ post college life? How does it relate to your major?
  2. Have you previously participated in a study abroad program at USA?
    • If so, for how long?
  3. Please provide the name of your intended program and length? Also, please include if you have been accepted.
  4. Please provide the name of a faculty member who the committee could ask for a reference if needed.