USA Honors College Application

The University of South Alabama Honors College offers a curriculum of interdisciplinary excellence designed to stimulate the analytical and critical thinking of exceptionally qualified and highly motivated students. The USA Honors College challenges each student through discussion, research, creative scholarship, intercultural engagement and the arts in an effort to create the feel of a small college environment in the midst of the opportunities provided by a large urban university.

The USA Honors College provides its students with opportunities for scholarship support throughout their four years of enrollment. These scholarships are designed to foster student success and encourage students to participate in enhanced intellectual experiences.

A limited number of scholarships are awarded competitively and are eligible to students of the USA Honors College once admission is complete. Additional scholarships may be available as the student progresses through the Honors College​ .

Students must complete the application by December 15th for first and full consideration. The Honors College will consider applications after December 15th, but only on a rolling and space available basis.

Students selected to receive University scholarships will have the award credited to their tuition and fees due each semester. Annual University scholarships are split between Fall and Spring semesters.

Any awards or scholarships funded by USA are considered institutional aid. Some examples of institutional aid are admission-based scholarships, departmental awards, employee tuition assistance, housing benefits and athletic scholarships. USA reserves the right to adjust aid if a student receives multiple scholarship awards or exceeds the institutional maximum.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please upload a copy of your résumé, which should include the following:

    - Education
    - GPA (weighted & non-weighted)
    - Research Experiences (if applicable)
    - Work Experience (if applicable)
    - Honors and Awards
    - Extracurricular Activities (include volunteer and leadership experience)
    - Hobbies and Special Skills
    - Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB) or other special coursework (if applicable)

    Note: AP, IB, honors, and awards are not required for admission.
    Research and work experience (as well as other listed items) are not necessary for admission.

    Do not include punctuation in the file name.
  2. For your essay, we ask you to present a perspective based on just one word. This year the word is “matter.” In 500 words or less, please present your perspective on "matter".

    Essay will be evaluated on the basis of:
    1. Creativity
    2. Relevance to the topic;
    3. Development of the perspective or position in the essay;
    4. Focus and organization;
    5. Clarity and precision of ideas;
    6. Fluency in writing and language;
    7. Facility with conventions of standard written English (grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, and mechanics).
  3. Tell us about your intellectual interests and curiosity. Are you more of a dive-deep-into-one-topic kind of person, or a learn-as-much-about-as-many-different-subjects-as-possible kind of person? Put another way: are you the kind of person who has a hard time deciding what to do because so many things fascinate you, or someone who can't imagine doing anything but what you're already intending to do? What do you do to feed or challenge those tendencies?
  4. Provide, in a few sentences, your "statement of intent" for the Honors College. Tell us why you want to be in the Honors College, what you aim to do/accomplish during your college career, and how your background, life experiences, and interests not only inform you, but also might impact or benefit the University and/or the College.
  5. Please tell us about any special personal or family circumstances that are relevant to your need for financial assistance (please note: this response will not be shared with the admissions committee).
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